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May 2024

Enroll in the ChatGPT for Educators #TCEA Course #Testimonials

Want to learn more about AI chatbots? Give the TCEA online, self-paced ChatGPT for Educators course a spin. Even though it says, “ChatGPT” in the title, there’s a LOT more to the course than that. See benefits for course enrollment at end.

Testimonials from Students Completing Course

Richard says:

Chat GPT for Educators offers a great overview and framework for educators to learn about AI. It will offer you best practices that will let you stand on the giant shoulders of this new technology and help you be the professional educator that the 21st century demands.

Kelley says:

This course was fantastic! I thought I was pretty proficient after using AI heavily for the last year, but I loved learning about new tools, and having the expert evaluation of them to save me time and money.

Amy says:

I enjoyed the course a great deal. I also noticed updates to it as I moved through it which is important because AI is changing rapidly. I liked that the course was more than just ChatGPT. You might expand the title of the course because I was expecting it to be more limited, but was happy to see differently.

Justin says:

There are so many awesome AI Bots to learn about and choose from! I picked up four viable AI Bots that I can immediately transfer into my own teaching and learning, as well as share with my colleagues for their benefit as well.

Gregory says

Exploring AI tools like ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me as a teacher. It’s revolutionized how I approach lesson planning, allowing me to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences that resonate with my students. Embracing AI in the classroom has not only enhanced engagement but also deepened my understanding of technology’s potential to empower education.


In addition to all that you learn in this course, you also get:

  • Digital badge and certificate from upon completion
  • Free membership in organization, a non-profit education association
  • 12 CPE hours
  • Access (via the free membership) to hundreds of Lunch and Learn webinars (recordings available for you)

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Course Modules

Here’s a listing of what’s covered in the five course modules. Not included below are all the updates that continue to be added since the course was published in early 2024.

Module Title Description
Module 1 Understanding ChatGPT and Similar Tools Begin your learning journey by understanding what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and where ChatGPT fits in the AI universe. You’ll also discover ChatGPT’s limits and discover similar tools and when you might want to use them instead. Finally, you’ll create a free account and access it on your computer and mobile devices. You will also find breaking news, ChatGPT Mobile, fun activities, chatbot comparisons and smackdowns, as well as an AI app smashing guide.
Module 2 Personal Uses for ChatGPT In this module, you’ll enter the exciting world of prompts and learn how to craft the best question format. You’ll play with having ChatGPT assume different roles, tones, and styles in its responses and how to have it return its answers in table format. See how to create a custom GPT as a travel agent or coaching mentor. Use AI to write greeting cards, book reviews, too.
Module 3 Professional Uses for ChatGPT ChatGPT is especially powerful when you use it professionally to improve your writing, update your resume, and create lesson plans, rubrics, and formative assessments. Discover all of this in this module, as well as how and when to cite its usage. Learn how to crunch numbers and analyze data, as well as boost public relations (great for PR professionals).
Module 4 Using ChatGPT with Students Like any other technology tool, ChatGPT can be engaging when used with students. But it’s important to understand its age restrictions, as well as your district’s policy on its use. You’ll learn more about both of those in this module, as well as how to teach students how and when ChatGPT should be used for learning and what safeguards they should take. Finally, you’ll gain experience in creating a lesson plan that has your students using the platform for writing or research. Find a ton of sample ChatGPT prompts, learn how to edit AI-generated images in ChatGPT, too. Explore how to use ChatGPT in educational settings, and evaluate AI generated content via a six-step process.
Module 5 Other Tools Related to ChatGPT ChatGPT is just the beginning! There are several other notable tools that you may want to use that have been built on its platform. You’ll practice with these and decide where they might fit into your teaching and learning. Explore AI-powered browser extensions, and get a comprehensive list of free and paid AI tools to start your productivity and creativity engine.